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Dr. Patrick Nemechek believes the future of health maintenance and disease-prevention will be based on programs that optimize health by minimizing the damaging stress of systemic inflammation.

Nemechek Technologies is a fast growing company with unique expertise that positions it to provide a variety of solutions for individuals with both acute and chronic symptoms from COVID-19 infection.

Our vision for COVID-19 therapies arose from Dr. Nemechek’s 20 years experience as an HIV expert combined with his more recent discoveries involving the reversal of nervous system damage though the proper regulation of inflammation within the body.

Our Mission is to demonstrate that vagus nerve stimulation is an effective therapy for both acute and convalescent COVID-19 patients and to produce high quality transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulators for their use. Beyond COVID-19, vagus nerve stimulation and related products such as HRV monitors have additional potential for other personal autonomic health and wellness applications.

We are looking for interested partners to fulfill our mission and make a difference in the lives of COVID-19 infected individuals.

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